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Author Guidelines
  1. Title: Choose a concise and descriptive title that accurately represents the content of your research paper.

  2. Abstract: Provide a brief summary of your research, including the objective, methodology, key findings, and conclusion. Keep it concise and informative.

  3. Introduction: Clearly state the research problem, its significance, and the objectives of your study. Provide background information and a literature review to establish context and highlight the existing knowledge gap.

  4. Methodology: Describe the research design, data collection methods, sample size, and analysis techniques used in your study. Provide sufficient detail for other researchers to replicate your work.

  5. Results: Present your findings in a logical and organized manner. Use tables, graphs, and charts to enhance clarity. Include statistical analyses and measurements of significance, where applicable.

  6. Discussion: Interpret your results and relate them to your research objectives. Discuss the implications of your findings and their alignment with existing literature. Address any limitations or potential sources of bias in your study.

  7. Conclusion: Summarize your key findings and their significance. Highlight the contribution of your research to the field and suggest potential avenues for further exploration.

  8. References: Cite all the sources used in your research paper accurately and consistently. Follow  referencing style of  APA, MLA, Chicago .